Arab Maghreb Union: Overcoming Competition in Favor of Cooperation


The Arab Maghreb Union’s success is incumbent upon the Maghreb countries to achieve shared goals. Now more than ever, the Arab Maghreb Union must be resurrected. The establishment of the Union had a terrible run so far, and a number of problems stymie the process on both regional and domestic levels. In this two-part article, the reasons for this failure will be thoroughly explored and three recommendations for their resolution will be proposed. 


How the Tunisian Electoral Authority Robbed Me of the Right to Vote

Global Voices

Though I can't know for certain whether my application was rejected as a result of my political views, I do know this: the electoral commission has made it very difficult for Tunisians abroad to exercise their right to vote, and several instances were reported during October's legislative elections where certain individuals were unable to locate their names at the offices where they were registered. They were therefore rendered unable to vote. 

There were also reports of bureau members convincing friends (usually sharing the same political convictions) to go to vote and fill up the voting booths.


Tunisia must not use terror-attack response to slide back to dictatorship

Globe and Mail

To secure a country is to invest in its future. Tunisia can serve as a model not only for democracy in the region, but for fighting militant activity on a most fundamental level. Ramping up security and military operations will only serve as a temporary fix for much deeper issues of underdevelopment and economic underperformance. Investing and reforming the education sector is a good place to start.

Simply put, the Bardo tragedy can act as a catalyst for the Tunisian government to be more transparent about its security lapses.


Gender Justice in Post-Ben Ali Tunisia: Women and Political Participation

Right to Nonviolence, Middle East Constitutional Forum

While the status of women in Tunisia has long been touted as a point of pride for the country, the success story is not nearly as rosy as some would like it to be. The actual degree of opportunity provided for women and their subsequent level of political agency is low, from the municipal level all the way up to the ministerial.

Opinion: Tunisia's response to police rape puts human rights to shame


A young woman claims she was in a car with her fiancé when three police officers came by. She says two of them raped her while the third kept guard and later attempted to extort money from her fiancé. 

This single [rape] incident brings to the forefront how such transgressions are allowed to take place, and reveals serious flaws in the Tunisian criminal justice system and in Tunisian law as a whole.



No Excuse for Honor Killings – Reflections on a Music Video from “DAM”


No matter what issues some may have with it, it brings to light topics that our society generally shies away from discussing. True, it is poorly produced and ignores a few things. But the video is also no academic treatise. It is a 4-min film that aims to bring attention to an important issue.